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UK based 24/7 customer care

Following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about British Matrimony.

• Why should I choose to join British Matrimony ?

• Is my profile information safe & secure ?

• Are there any privacy checks on the site ?

• What are your membership types, and how much do each cost ?

• Are the payments for the membership secure ?

• How does Registeration work in British Matrimony ?

• How can I find my perfect partner ?

• Can I change my profile details or edit my details once registered ?

• Can I upload my photo. If yes, how many can I upload to my profile ?

• Are there any privacy settings on my profile/photos ?

• How does 'Messaging' work ?

• Has anyone found their partners through you yet ?

• Are there any other payment methods other than buying the membership online ?

Still have questions ? , and we'll get back to you.

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